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Audience Development Update


One of the most vital aspects of continued success at The Institute for HealthCare Consumerism (IHC) is the ever-growing community of engaged, progressive senior HR, wellness and benefits leaders that attend our conferences. We take pride in the fact that we bring more of these leaders to our events than most of our competitors. These are key executives who directly make buying decisions on their organizations’ behalf.

In 2015 close to one thousand senior benefits leaders and HR executives from mid-size and large companies attended at least one of our four national events. And, they found IHC programs exceptionally influential. Listen to what a few of them had to say about their experience:

“The conference was great! All the speakers and workshops are a great and interactive. I think all the HR folks there really enjoyed it.” Benefits Executive, Colonial Pipeline Company

“It’s nice to hear from employers on what is working with regard to engagement. The panel was varied in terms of industry and they each had a lot of energy.” Benefits Manager, RaceTrac Petroleum

“The IHC conference offers the best value of any similar conference in this space. I will definitely attend next year.”
Comp & Benefits Manager, McKee Foods Corporation


It is also a fact that decisions on health care consumerism solutions like yours are not made by one person alone. Corporate health and benefits executives rely heavily on senior health plan executives, TPAs, brokers and benefits consultants to determine strategy, tactics and vendor selection when it comes to health care consumerism programs. In fact, for many of the solution providers marketing through the IHC, these influencers are your primary channel partners and your main marketing focus.

In late 2015, the IHC asked its audience how decision making about health care consumerism products and services actually occurs in their organizations. The answer is that no one executive has sole authority. Rather, employers select products and services like yours as the result of a collaborative decision-making process involving multiple stakeholders.


Our commitment is to be the best resource in the world at tracking and attracting the complete ecosystem of executives who impact the purchase of your offerings. I’d like to share with you three ways, in 2016, we are aggressively adding to our community of 70,000 employers, brokers, benefit consultants, TPAs & health plan executives.

  1. Continued growth & improvement of our sponsor, speaker & partner VIP campaign at our conferences. This program puts the IHC in partnership with partner organizations who have impact on health plans, brokers and employers as well as with our event exhibitors. As part of our relationship, we offer no-cost VIP passes to attend IHC conferences on behalf of sponsors and partners. In 2016, we will be playing a more proactive role in inviting sponsor prospects to attend IHC events as your guests.
  2. Increasing Website Promotion. For instance, we are making it easier for employers who visit our website to receive a VIP invitation to our events by making the offer more visible and easier to access including pop-up promotion on relevant IHC website pages. We are also actively scrubbing, enhancing and expanding our audience database so that our e-mail outreach the IHC audience is as effective as possible.
  3. Adding & retaining the best partners and business coalitions to attract more HR, wellness & benefits leaders. We already work with over 15 national and regional associations that are complementary to IHC. While we are developing new approaches to manage those relationships so that they drive larger and higher quality attendance to our events, we are also actively targeting additional forward thinking organizations that provide their members with access to education, thought leadership, and networking opportunities. Some of the organizations who are partnering with us in 2016 are: The Alliance, Midwest Business Group on Health, Northeast Business Group on Health, Leapfrog Group, Benefits Advisor Network, United Benefits Advisors, DAHU, Dallas Fort Worth Business Group on Health, CAHU, Healthiest Employers, Atlanta Wellness Professionals. Check out our partners’ page for a complete listing.



IHC CEO Satisfaction Guarantee

After engaging fully with us in our effort to help you raise awareness, build preference and sell, if you feel that your organization has not gotten full value for its sponsor investment, we will provide a 50% discount off of your next marketing initiative with the IHC, or otherwise identify an additional approach to enhance your ROI, such as a free eblast to our community.


Others may claim to provide you access, but no other health care or benefits industry association can match the breadth and depth of The Institute for HealthCare Consumerism’s community of engaged decision makers & influencers. With the support of you, our sponsors and marketers, we will continue to provide and grow our community of stakeholders invested in health care consumerism.


Great customer relationships and career advancement occurs one conversation at a time. That’s why we carefully construct IHC conferences and content to actively engage our audience in direct dialogue with each other and with you. Our programs get the most audience engagement because we expect and get substantive insights from all involved. Here’s what one senior business development executive had to say about why his company is an ongoing IHC sponsor:

“Your events have the strategic thinkers at them. That’s very different from other programs out there. The IHC started touting the mantra of consumerism before anyone even had it on their radar. You guys are the ones who are seeing what out there and what’s next and what’s working and what’s not.” SVP, Business Development, Private Exchange Sponsor of IHC


Let us help sales enable your marketing experience with us. For instance, all of our bronze sponsors or above at our events are provided with a set of VIP passes to invite your key prospects and clients to the conference at no cost to you or them. IHC is prepared to reach out on your behalf, in a highly personalized manner that promotes your brand, to invite those “very important prospects” to attend the conference. Don’t have a strong list of your own to attract prospects to attend and visit with you? We can help create a targeted one for you and then we can implement a campaign to help you get the traffic and conversations you need to build sales relationships.


One size fits none. So, we’ve launched a custom content offering led by a long-time health and benefits industry luminary. Along with health care consumerism marketing experts on the IHC staff, we will conduct a no cost strategy and tactics brainstorming session with you and identify breakout approaches to help you get the most for your investment in the IHC marketing platforms.


We will assign one of our relationship marketing managers to project manage your marketing and sales experience with the IHC audience to ensure that you are getting full value from the effort.