Margie Rodino Margie Rodino

Chief Talent Officer, Sloan Global Holdings, LLC

Margie Rodino is the Chief Talent Officer at Sloan. She is a transformational executive who specializes in aligning an organization’s human resources with its strategic and operational objectives while shaping a culture that maximizes profitability. Margie has produced practical solutions to complex problems in high-pressure situations and has executed cost-effective strategies in both large and small corporate settings and across a broad range of industries including manufacturing, financial services, telecommunications and healthcare.

Margie is a proven leader who builds teams centered on delivering best practices. She captures the respect of executive line managers as well as Board Members through thoughtful leadership and her ability to drive a high performance operating culture. She blends humor, motivation and engagement in order to produce a highly inspired and committed workforce. Margie has served as a subject matter expert on internal Board Committees including Compensation, Investment and as a Board Member on the Wholly Owned Foreign Entity for China and Mexico.

Margie holds a B.S. in Personnel and Industrial Relations from Northern Illinois University and is a Certified Compensation Professional. She has been a featured speaker at The Conference Board on “Integration of Human Capital During an Acquisition” as well as serving as a panelist on Change Management at the Forester Group’s Change Management Forum. Margie joined the Northwestern University Job Interview Training Program, serving the community as a mock interviewer for Chicago underprivileged high school students.

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