RFI Communications & Security Systems

"IHC FORUM West was a great opportunity to connect with progressive leaders committed to making healthcare consumerism work. I enjoyed meeting so many people who were influential in health savings accounts and recent legislation. As a panelist, representing a small employer, I was able to share my insights on the programs we have implemented, but also able to learn from the experiences of other organizations. I was particularly inspired by the people I met who were influential in establishing health savings accounts."

Laura Lacomblé, Director of Human Resources, RFI
CSAA Insurance Group

"Pharmacy Benefit Management (PBM) panel session was my favorite. Very nice blend of “experts” who were open and transparent about their experiences. Very knowledgeable speakers. I also liked the table topics at lunch on Day 1."

Kristin Utler, HR Operations Executive of CSAA Insurance Group
Barney & Barney LLC

"My favorite part of the conference was meeting people and learning about new vendors and services that have an impact on Consumerism in HealthCare. Also, hearing directly from Employers on their challenges, what they have tried and how it works, etc. from a practical point of view. Overall, conference was worth the time and money."

Tracey Best, Employee Benefits Client Executive of Barney & Barney LLC
America's Auto Auction, Inc.

"The Pre-Conference Certification Course (Making HealthCare Consumerism Work) was my favorite because it was very focused and had handout materials that were easy to follow along with. It was also beneficial to meet new colleagues and exchange information/ideas."

Marty Petitt, Director of HR & Insurance Administration of America’s Auto Auction, Inc.
RaceTrac Petroleum

"It’s nice to hear from employers on what is working with regard to employee engagement. The panel was varied in terms of industry and they each had a lot of energy."

Jackie Moore, Benefits Manager at RaceTrac Petroleum
Auburn University

"[I enjoyed] learning about the other exhibitors’ solutions and how they communicate to their target audience. The panelists were very informed and shared great contacts and resources that will be of tremendous value to our company."

Larry Small, CMO at HealthGate
McKee Foods Corporation

"The IHC conference offers the best value of any similar conference in this space. I will definitely attend next year."

Shawn Pellington, Comp & Benefits Manager at McKee Foods Corporation
Auburn University

"As an employer, I found the closing session to be the most informative because it showed me the issues that other employers faced and how they addressed them."

Gary Ward, Manager of Employee Benefits at Auburn University
Gwinnett County Government

"[I enjoyed] the networking, shared ideas, shared solutions and the entire event was exciting and engaging."

Nancy Purves, Health Plans Manager at Gwinnett County Government
Sunrise Medical

"Awesome, awesome FORUM! I really like how innovative people are coming up with ideas, the networking at the table topics. I already have takeaways and we’re only halfway through the first day, so I’m super excited! I’m from California, and it was definitely worth the flight all the way out to Georgia to learn about these innovative things that I can implement in my workplace."

Lisa D’Aquisto, Sunrise Medical
First Federal

"I’ve attended the conference for the past two years, and I think this year is the largest turnout. There are a lot more attendees, and probably two to three times as many vendors, which is great. The variety of the attendees seems to be very diverse. I see HR folks, insurance brokers, solution providers, so definitely it’s grown and its successful. I really enjoyed as an overall take away the fact is that we’ve gone past ‘health care reform is bad’ to looking at solutions and moving forward. This is certainly the place to be to do that."

Scott Stamps, First Federal
McKee Foods

"We’re looking into consumer directed health care. I found the workshop very helpful. It was about teaching employees about consumer directed solutions and getting them engaged. Some parts of it, we can employ immediately in our business."

HR Executive, McKee Foods
State of Georgia

"My advice for my counterparts in other states is that coming to conferences like this is very important. It’s a way to share ideas and get other thoughts on best practices to implement consumerism."

Jennifer Kennington, State of Georgia
Optum Health

"In our business, we have an employer market and we also have a broker market. What we’re finding is that we have a lot of brokers walking through, as well as individuals who own their own companies and are looking for business partners who they can work with. So for us, it’s been beneficial because we’ve seen such diversity in terms of attendees. We’ve even bumped into folks that are actually clients of ours… I really like setup in terms of the meeting area with your exhibits. Folks don’t have to run all over the place to get to your vendors. I really like that, and it’s really unusually compared to a lot of the conferences I’ve been to before."

Cammy Boyd, Optum Health
My HealthCheck Online

"This is a fabulous conference on a topic that’s near to my heart, and certainly one focused on the trends going forward in health care. There have been great speakers and very informative thought leaders, so it’s been a learning experience and a joy for me to participate in. I would absolutely recommend this to people in the industry. There’s just a wealth of information employers can gain from it. I think it’s going to benefit anyone who has anything to do with health benefits."

Jeff Ridgway, My HealthCheck Online
Sage Benefits

"The FORUM is excellent! I love the interaction and different points of view. This is the largest of these types of events that I’ve been to with employers in the mix, where they’re really presenting what they’re doing, and that’s an interesting perspective to see. And it’s great for networking and meeting many different people of like minds. We’re planning on attending the Vegas forum in September. It’s well work the time, money and effort."

Ron Dobervich, Sage Benefit Group
Colonial Pipeline Company

"The conference is great! All the speakers and all the workshops are a great interactive piece, and I think all the HR folks really enjoyed it."

Lakita Haddox, Colonial Pipeline Company
Zep Inc.

"I attended last year and I looked forward to coming back to get more information, and I’ve done just that. I think my biggest takeaways were from the breakout sessions. The information is more targeted and focused, and because the groups are smaller, I get more of an opportunity to ask questions and meet some of the presenters one on one, face to face. There’s a wealth of information. We are going to implement a 100% CDH plan next year, so I need all the information I can get. "

Marcy Malkin-Starnes, Sr. HR Specialist, Zep Inc.
M&T Bank

"I think the overall experience was great. The variety of the workshops made it nice to choose one that fits your interests. The location was nice and the food was excellent. "

Kevin Vail, VP HSA Manager, M&T Bank
Mile High Equipment LLC

"I enjoyed the employer panel and the transparency panel discussions because it provided different insights into healthcare consumerism. I appreciated Tony Miller’s dissenting opinion on health care consumerism and his reasons why. "

Sherry Martin, Human Resources Manager, Mile High Equipment LLC
Employee Benefit Specialists

"Overall I thought it was a great conference, and I really enjoyed myself. I have taken back much of what I learned and am discussing with colleagues. "

Justin Renfrew-Hill, Consultant, EBS
Creative Benefit Strategies

"The employer panels and the vendor speaker forums were very informative and provided solutions to real-life situations."

Don Fechter, Creative Benefit Strategies
Waldo Agencies

"John Hickman’s presentation on the PPACA was my favorite part because I learned some new things about the law that will help my clients."

Tony Kahmann, Waldo Agencies

"The FORUM is exciting. I think anything that furthers the cause of consumer directed health — education, information, advocacy — wherever it might take us is a good thing."

Christopher Byrd, CEO, Evolution1
Dynamic Benefits

"The FORUM has been excellent. We have attended all three FORUMs and this by far has been the best to date. As a new technology company that has a new product to bring to the marketplace, this is the perfect venue because it has the broker community and the employer community in one place."

Dan Morrill, Co-founder/President, Dynamic Benefits
Managed Benefit Systems Inc.

"My favorite sessions were ‘Dispelling the Myths of CDHC’ and ‘Aligning Business Policies for Optimal Health and Minimal Cost.’ Both provide very useful information and both were well given."

George Hecomovich, President, Managed Benefit Systems Inc.
Fifth Third Bank

"The speakers represented different aspects of the industry which provided a holistic view of industry trends. The vendor exhibits were good and accessible. The breaks allowed enough time to visit and talk with them."

Jan Pynappel, Vice President-HSA Product Manager, Fifth Third Bank
myDrug Costs

"Loved the Wednesday evening networking event. It allowed me to speak with people outside of the business setting. Great networking opportunities."

John High, myDrug Costs
bWell-informed LLC

"My favorite thing was the manageable size of the conference and meeting the exhibitors."

Philip Micali, CEO, bWell-informed LLC
Insurance Management Group

"Enjoyed the "Impact of Health Reform on Health Care Consumerism: A Multi Stakeholder View" General Session, because of the various viewpoints given from very informed panelists."

Tammie King, Employee Benefits Specialist, Insurance Management Group
Group and Benefits Consultants

"General session and workshops were well worth the time…the pre-conference workshop from The Center of Health Transformation was a wealth of knowledge. Overall it was one of the best conferences I’ve ever attended in my 19 years in the insurance business."

Russell Head, Partner, Group and Benefits Consultants