Track 1 Workshops: Tuesday, May 24, 2016 • 4:30 pm – 5:30 pm


Wellness in the ATL – Continued Best Practices with Q/A

In this follow-up to the Keynote Address, top Atlanta employers will go further in-depth about their successful wellness strategies. Panelists will provide key insights to take back to your own organization. Bring questions as the employers will address concerns and issues.

Moderator: Latonia McGinnis, Wellbeing Consultant, CBIZ Employee Services Organization (former Wellness Manager, RaceTrac Petroleum)

Panelists: Sarah King, Director of Wellness, Harbin Clinic; Lauren Korzan, Regional Program Director, Aquila Ltd. (CDC); McKay Kirkland, Wellness Coordinator, Cooper Aerobics (Chick-fil-A); Jamie Benton, Managing Director Compensation & Benefits, Rollins, Inc.; Jennifer Hopper, Manager, Piedmont Wellness and Fitness


How Telehealth is Revolutionizing Health Care Delivery

Come hear several industry experts discuss how telehealth is shaping the future health care. Beyond health insurance reform and health access, attendees will learn about the latest advancements in treatment choices, access options and quality. You will learn about new insights through health innovation, and see how direction of the health care market is being influenced and shaped through telehealth.

Moderator: Krista Drobac, Executive Director, Alliance for Connected Care

Panelists: Mary Modahl, SVP, Chief Marketing Officer, American Well; Nicholas Lorenzo, MD, MHCM, CPE, Chief Medical Officer, MeMD; Sharon Boose, Sales Director, LiveHealth Online

SESSION 103 Aflac

Elevating the Value of Voluntary Benefits as an Essential Benefit

Positioning voluntary benefits as fundamental benefits in the health care market where there are HDHPs and consumer-driven health plans are the norm. In today’s market where health and wealth care strongly correlated, it’s essential to for employers and employee alike. In this session, you will learn why voluntary benefits are key for your benefits package and how to evaluate them.

Speaker: David Cloud, Sales Manager, AFLAC Broker Channel, AFLAC Group


What to Expect for the Next Generation of HSAs

This session will help employers, brokers and health plan executives address the latest trends in the dynamic health savings account market and forecast the best places to invest. Panelists will explore several areas of emerging innovation to create a true consumer HSA experience, including consumer experience, education, HSA investment ideas for the future, risk/opportunities and connections to other health services (exchanges to wellness to transparency).

Due to Popular Demand, Session will be Extended by 10 minutes

Moderator: Roy Ramthun, President & Founder, HSA Consulting Services

Speakers: Carlos Hernandez, Vice President, Strategic Alliances, Acclaris, Inc.; David Cisneros, Vice President of Business Development, East Region, SelectAccount; Jason Cook, Vice President, Healthcare Emerging Market Sales, WEX Health; Ben Morris, President, UMB Healthcare Services; Todd Berkley, Managing Director, BenefitWallet®, A Xerox HR Services Solution


Outlook for Employers Contracting With Direct Primary Care or Concierge Medicine

Expert panelists discuss the innovation, trends and happenings in the direct primary care and concierge family medicine space, including concepts on how private medical offices can work with employers and how it will shape the future of employer-sponsored health care options. This session will provide an educational overview of direct primary care and concierge medicine and these points:

  • The Benefits of Gain-Sharing Between Employers and These Programs.
  • What Is The Value Proposition To Your Employees Even If This Isn’t An HSA Eligible Expense?
  • What Does A Doctor Offer to Employers?
  • And More!

Expert Speaker/Moderator: Catherine Sykes, Publisher/Managing Editor, The Direct Primary Care Journal and Concierge Medicine Today

Panelists: Blaine W. Lindsey, Executive Director, Aledade, Inc.; Bill Cossart, CEO, MedFirst Partners; Terrence L. Bauer, Principal, Stroudwater Associates; Jed Constantz, Chief Strategy Officer / SVP Client Relations, Employer Advantage Health Care Solutions


Making Health/Wellness Work in the Digital Age

Digital health care solutions are driving improvements in data delivery, outcomes and experience. Consumers, especially young workers, want more choice that is personalized to their personal and work life. Concurrently, health providers and executives want ways increase efficiency and reduce costs. This session takes a look at the result, combining health innovators and advances in technology to change the future of health/wellness.

Due to Popular Demand, Session will be Extended by 10 minutes

Moderator: Doug Field, CEO, The Institute for HealthCare Consumerism

Speakers: Bryan Noar, VP Marketing & General Manager, SelfHelpWorks, Inc.; Mary Jane Favazza, Chief Revenue Officer, Good Measures; Mike Tinney, Founder and CEO, FIX: Fitness Interactive eXperience; Rena Brewer, RN, MA, CEO, Global Partnership for Telehealth, Inc.; Kurt Cegielski, Founder, SVP, Employer Solutions, RedBrick Health


Exploring Emerging Cost Containment Strategies for Employers

How does your organization save thousands of dollars and generate a more productive health plan for employees? Experts here will discuss how to implement successful cost containment strategies, share results and highlight the broker’s role and employees’ perspective. Learn how two employers with 182 and 1,000 employees saved over $700,000 and $10,600,000 the past three years, respectively.

Moderator: Bill Lacy, President & CEO, Association for Corporate Health Risk Management (ACHRM)

Speakers: Rebecca Palm, Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, copatient; Woody Waters, VP, ELAP Services, LLC; Jim Giesler, VP of Sales, Phoenix Benefits Management; Edward Smith, Executive Vice President, Hutchinson Traylor

SESSION 108 Tango Health

The Affordable Care Act – Compliance Case Studies From The Trenches

With the initial (extended) deadlines for 1095-C form filing behind us, Tango presents real-life compliance case studies from our clients. Learn how higher-education institutions like Princeton University, Rice University, and University of Rochester tracked adjunct professors and graduate students on a stipend. Find out best practices from health care organizations like Ascension and Catholic Health Initiatives. And hear how other organizations just like yours – across all types of industries – are planning ahead for changes to ACA compliance in 2016.

Attendees will learn:

  • Findings from 2015 compliance efforts, including extensions and “good faith”
  • Guidance for talking to senior leadership about 2015 compliance realities
  • What to consider as you plan for 2016 compliance initiatives

Speakers: Todd Praisner, CEO, Tango Health

Track 2 Workshops: Wednesday, May 25, 2016 • 11:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.


Financial Wellness – A New Class of Benefits and Why it Matters

Most of us are no strangers to financial worries, though in today’s workplace there is a growing concern that needs addressing: The effect of financially stressed employees on their employers. Unfortunately, due to the Affordable Care Act, many employers have seen huge increases in their health care premiums and have no other option except to shift more of those costs to these employees.

In this session, financial expert and author Denise Winston leads a panel discussion that will provide solutions for dealing with the effects these financially stressed employees will have on your organization. The panelists will provide answers on:

  • Discovering why financial wellness programs are now essential
  • Identifying how financially stressed employees will impact your organization
  • Implementing and enhancing an effective financial wellness program
  • And more.

Expert Speaker/Moderator: Denise Winston, Founder, Money Starts Here, and Creator, My Benefits Academy

Panelists: Jackie Greer, Director of Benefits, American Residential Services; Carlos Hernandez, Vice President, Strategic Alliances, Acclaris, Inc.; Steven A. Nyce, Director, Research and Innovation Center, Willis Towers Watson


What Health Plans are Doing to Better Serve Employers and their Employees

Health plans are among the most influential drivers of health care. Come hear these innovative health plan experts discuss the shift to a more consumer-centric model as well as exciting advances in technology and access that effect consumers, carriers and providers.

Moderator: William G. Stuart, Director of Strategy and Compliance, Benefit Strategies, LLC

Panelists: Robin Wright-King, Director, CDH Product Management, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts; Dr. Donald Searing, Senior Director of Product Evangelism, Colibrium; John Mills, Senior Director of Commercial Products, UPMC Health Plan


Supplemental Health Benefits: Aligning Value with Employee Needs

This session delves into the many supplemental health benefits options available on the market (e.g. vision, dental, hospital plans, critical illness, disability). Panelists will explore the how and why behind adding certain benefits for employees, as well as explore strategies for engagement. Learn what leading supplemental health benefit providers are doing and what might be the best options for your organization.

Moderator: Ronald E. Bachman FSA, MAAA, CHCC, Chairman, Editorial Advisory Board, The Institute for HealthCare Consumerism

Speakers: Darcey Schoenebeck, Executive Vice President, Business Development, SingleCare; Kathy D. Morreira, Director, Worksite Client Services, Bankers Fidelity Life Insurance Company


Medical Travel and Direct-to-Provider Contracting: Small and Midsize Employers Getting on Board

This panel will provide an inside look at the domestic medical travel phenomenon and how a growing number of small to mid-size employers are taking advantage of direct-to-provider contracts with bundled pricing. Attendees will get an exclusive view of the new technology platform, DoctorGlobe, which is dedicated to self-funded employers and their health-plan participants and designed to inspire employees to select providers who offer high-quality, affordable care.

Expert Speaker/Moderator: Laura Carabello, Principal, CPR Strategic

Panelists: Tibi Zohar, CEO, Doctor Globe, Inc.; TJ Morrison, Vice President, Benefit Design Specialists; Tim Hyde, Vice President, HealthSCOPE Benefits


Engage, Experience, Empower: The Employer’s Recipe for Health Care Innovation

What’s the secret to successful engagement in the face of shifting priorities such as technology, business demands and work/life balance? Unfortunately, there is not one universal solution. Luckily, this panel of experts will show how to effectively deliver health benefit options using the latest strategies around a variety of communication channels.

Moderator: Margie Rodino, Chief Talent Officer, Sloan Global Holdings, LLC

Panelists: Jennifer Forster, HR Director, Buffalo Exchange; Liz Smith, President, Employee Benefits, Assurance Agency; Jack Curtis, Founder & CEO of Corporate Health Partners; Chair of Leadership Committee at HERO; Jake Cleer, Director of Benefit Solutions, New Benefits


Prescription for Success: Strategic Approaches to Pharmacy Benefits

A must-see session for benefits professionals responsible for or looking into starting a prescription pharmacy or medical benefits program. PBMI Executive Director Jane Lutz leads a group of experts to discuss carving pharmacy benefits into a health plan, the pros/cons, and drug cost reduction strategies while improving health outcomes. Speakers will also address:

  • Benefit Plan Design
  • Compliance
  • Cost-saving strategies
  • And More!

Expert Speaker/Moderator: Jane Lutz, Executive Director, Pharmacy Benefit Management Institute (PBMI)

Panelists: Tom Traylor, CEO, RxTEHealth; Bill Hepscher, Executive Director, Sales & Marketing, Rx Manage; Mark D. Melvin, Vice President, Sales, 4D Pharmacy Management|Magellan Rx Management

SESSION 207 Foundation for Chiropractic Progress

Strong Posture for the Desk Warrior

“Sitting is the new smoking,” according to studies showing the real health consequences of excessive sitting. Most U.S. employers offer wellness programs, but postural issues such as text-neck and tech-back are an unaddressed cause of back and neck pain, and can reduce productivity, too. “Tech-posture” is taking a toll on our looks, health and attitude. Posture affects your image, from internal attitude to external leadership – that’s just the beginning.

Join posture expert and chiropractor Dr. Steven Weiniger to learn how to “unfold your body” and experience how standing taller helps you feel and work better, look younger and can literally help you live longer. Based on the StrongPosture® program used by health professionals internationally, attendees will learn techniques for managing neck/back pain to improve productivity at home and work.

Speaker: Steven Weiniger, DC, Managing Partner, BodyZone LLC, and Author, Stand Taller Live Longer


Innovative Payment Solutions for Health Care

This session will provide a greater perspective of the health care payment customer experience from an emerging technology, transactions and mobility point of view. The speaker will share Visa’s approach to innovation, mobile payments and security implications of contactless vs. EMV. This session will also cover the latest stats on EMV migration as a whole and will drill down to how both contact and contactless migration is currently being adopted specific to the health care industry.

Speaker: Pradeep T. Moudgal, Head of North America Digital/Innovation Specialized Sales, Visa

Track 3 Workshops: Wednesday, May 25, 2016 • 3:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.


Wearables and Employers: Small Devices, Big Rewards?

Wearables aren’t just a fad, they are becoming a way of life for people, at work and on the run. For employers, it’s an opportunity to use this technology as wellness initiative for employees and a strategic lever to control health costs. To effectively drive change and track outcomes, it’s becoming necessary to quantify the value of the data “behind the device.” This session will look at wearables through employer implementation and employee usage, examining the benefits across the board.

Moderator: Polly Thomas, Director, Employee Benefits and Onsite Clinic Services, CBIZ

Panelists: Jim Fight, Chief Human Resources Officer, Kansas City Area Transportation Authority; Alex Garland, Wellness Manager, Keller Williams; Kelley Spinks, CBIZ Wellness Coordinator, RaceTrac; Aaron Burby, Director, Health and Wellness, Misfit & Fossil Group


Trends in Non-Health Voluntary Benefits: The New Era of Employee Choice

This session delves into the many voluntary health benefits options available on the market (e.g. pet insurance, home, auto and legal), looking at the how and why behind adding certain benefits for employees, as well as exploring strategies for engagement. Learn what leading voluntary health benefit providers are doing and what might be the best options for your organization.

Moderator: Doug Field, CEO, The Institute for HealthCare Consumerism

Speakers: Ryan Thomson, Director of Private Exchanges, Group Voluntary Auto & Home, Liberty Mutual Insurance; David J. Sherman, Vice President of Sales, Kashable; Rob Hall, AVP, Business Development – Partner Program, ASPCA Pet Health Insurance; Mike Greene, CEO, ID Watchdog


ACA Compliance Issues Further Examined – An Open Discussion

In a follow-up to the Health Reform and Compliance General Session, this breakout session features Alston + Bird Partner John Hickman taking a second look at the ACA and what you should be aware of for your organization. He will focus on secondary compliance issues and open up the session to your questions and concerns.

Speakers: John Hickman, Partner, Alston + Bird LLP; Jeffrey Knapp, Senior Editor, Thomson Reuters

SESSION 304 IHC University

Health Care Consumerism for Experts: Going Beyond the Basics

Highly recommended for attendees who have taken the IHC Consumerism Course

IHC Chairman and course instructor Ron Bachman will guide you through this health care consumerism expert-level session, designed to explore the nuts and bolts of making informed decisions on everything from health strategies to employee engagement. Attendees will learn which principles and designs fit their own organizations and how to implement them for desired results.

Expert Speaker: Ronald E. Bachman FSA, MAAA, CHCC, Chairman, Editorial Advisory Board, The Institute for HealthCare Consumerism


Defined Contribution Health Care: A Hands-on Workshop

Like a parent handing over the keys to their 16-year-old kid, many companies have a hard time handing over the health care decisions to their employees. Panelists here will discuss strategies and best practices for implementing defined contribution health care, including effective decision support and communication and an actuarial breakdown of how defined contribution works.

Moderator: Jim Fries, National Sales Director, Health Exchange Resources

Panelists: Michelle Murray, Manager of Benefits, Tennant; Rosemary Hughes, Senior Consultant and Principal, EPIC; Suzannah Gill, Benefits Strategy Consultant, EPIC


Trends & Best Practices in Onsite and Near-site Employee Health Clinics

As more employers redefine their health care and benefits strategies, onsite and near-site clinics are becoming more essential to controlling costs and providing quality care to the ever-changing workforce. Come hear how these employers put a true stamp on “value on investment” through their onsite and near-site clinics. They will show how investing in their employees helps control costs, enhances engagement and improves the health of their populations.

Moderator: Larry Boress, President and CEO, Midwest Business Group on Health

Panelists: David Hines, Director of Employee Benefits, Metro Nashville Public Schools; Debbi Davidson, Benefits Division Director, Human Resources, Gwinnett County Government; Kim Hoelting, Director of Human Resources, Solomon Corporation


The Evolution of the Health Care Delivery System

The strategies for health systems have changed in recent years with cost inflation, reform laws and emerging innovative technology, but one thing has remained constant: They know what they want to do and what they need to do. Organizations want to understand and limit costs while managing population health and making it personalized through better health access and technology, among other key issues. Employers in this session will share experiences on how and why their companies have evolved and where they are headed, from a benefit program and plan design standpoint to payment reforms, and more.

Moderator: Jodie Braner, Vice President, Willis Group

Panelists: Marian Chase, Senior Manager – Global Benefits, Newell Brands; Chris Beck, Director, Business Development, Union Hospital; Patricia Lavely, Senior Vice President & Chief Information Officer, Gwinnett Medical Center


Re-thinking Health Care Quality & Other Supply Side Issues

The national conversation has been perverted: Health care is not about money, but about feeling better, functioning better or living longer. To deliver these goals, health care needs to have quality. The session will connect the bridges between health service professionals and consumers, looking at the factors that shape quality, and why, in some cases, such as surgery, quality can only be measured by the eye of the beholder.

Moderator: Arnon Krongrad, MD, Chief Executive Officer, Surgeo

Speakers: Jared Heyman, CEO & Founder, CrowdMed; Don Davenport, President and CEO, BARInet; Shakil Haroon, Founder and CEO, MPIRICA Health Analytics

Track 4 Workshops: Thursday, May 26, 2016 • 10:15 a.m. – 11:15 a.m.


Transforming Wellness Programs into a Well-Being Culture: Employer Case Studies

Traditional workplace wellness programs have focused primarily on activities designed to improve physical health and raise awareness of clinical health risks – although these programs have risen in popularity by employers, their employees have not embraced wellness benefits at the same rate. Retooling wellness programs to create a well-being culture – investing in financial, physical, social and other areas – will benefit employers and employees, alike. In this session, you will learn about:

  • Reasons why three quarters of employees, on average, do not participate in their company’s wellness programs
  • How to expand your current wellness initiatives to enhance value and address employees’ wellbeing risks and needs
  • Get strategies for increasing employee engagement and maximizing behavior change
  • Learn the keys to creating a wellbeing culture to help employees thrive

Moderator: Emily Noll, National Director, CBIZ Employee Services Organization

Panelists: Julie McGovern, Vice President, Human Resources, Anne Arundel Medical Center; Latonia McGinnis, Wellbeing Consultant, CBIZ Employee Services Organization (former Wellness Manager, RaceTrac Petroleum); Mindy Pierce, Director, LifeWork Strategies, Adventist HealthCare


Benefits Brokers and Consultants Explore Latest Innovations, Trends

New technology and communication tools are changing how and when clients want information, and in turn causing brokers and consultants to rethink aspects of the health insurance process. In this session, an expert panel of benefits brokers and consultants will discuss how to succeed in this new era by staying ahead of competition and meeting clients’ needs as we shift to a more consumer-centric health insurance industry.

Expert Speaker/Moderator: Ward Morse, Senior Vice President, Employee Benefits Practice, Willis Towers Watson

Speakers: Amy Otto, CHCC, Senior Employee Benefits Consultant; Liz Frayer, RHU, CHCC, President/Employee Benefit Specialist, Intrepid; Jacklyn Massrock, Founding Colleague and Benefits Director, Baldwin Krystyn Sherman Partners; Eric Haglund, Principal, Digital Benefit Advisors


Transparency Triple Threat: How Price, Quality & Service Shape Decisions

Transparency tools have reached the point in which they are no longer a necessity but rather a requirement for many organizations. Insured workers want them to have access to accurate price information. Consumers want to compare prices and know which providers offers the best value. This panel will discuss the strategies and opportunities for better use of transparency tools around cost, quality and service.

Due to Popular Demand, Session will be Extended by 10 minutes

Moderator: Craig Foster, President, Quantum Services Group/WEB Atlanta

Speakers: Marcia Otto, Vice President of Pricing & Transparency Applications, Health Advocate; Shakil Haroon, Founder and CEO, MPIRICA Health Analytics; David C. Contorno, CEO, Lake Norman Benefits, Inc.; Benjamin Tabah, Product Development and Marketing, FairChex; Michael Levin, Co-Founder & CEO, Vericred, Inc.


Private Exchanges: Cost, Technology, Retiree Coverage — What’s Working? What’s Ahead?

By 2018, private health insurance exchanges could reach 40 million employees. Employers and brokers are looking at how to better manage costs and leverage technology while providing greater choice, flexibility and a retail-like shopping experience — for both active and retiree populations. Hear what experts say about the state of exchanges, including strategies and tactics you can use.

Moderator: Barry Eyre, Vice President, National Account Sales, Diversified Benefit Strategies

Panelists: Andrew Beasley, COO, Fidelity Health Marketplace; Perry Braun, Executive Director, Benefit Advisors Network (BAN); Cambria Smith, President & Founder, Transitions RBG; Jay Belschner, CEO & Founder, Certifi


Keys to Implementing Mindfulness-Based Programs for More Resilient Employees

There are over 4,000 research studies, most of them completed in the last five years, which demonstrate efficacy of mindfulness practice in education, healthcare and personal lifestyle changes. But how does this translate into the real world examples of helping employees become more resilient, mindful and generally in better brain health and fitness? In this session you will learn:

  • What is Mindfulness practice? How What is Mindfulness? How is it currently practiced on an individual basis.
  • What is Resilience? How does it differ from the practice of Mindfulness?
  • Can Mindfulness and Resilience outcomes be measured? If so, how?
  • Does this fit into my Wellness and Well-being Strategy and Tactics?
  • Lessons learned from top employers in deploying these programs
  • What does the latest research show with respect to real business outcomes?
  • The three primary models for deploying mindfulness in large scale organizations
  • Can Mindfulness and Resilience program arrest the organizational cancer called Stress?

Moderator: Philip Micali, Principal, bWell, and Senior Advisor, Claritas Mindsciences

Speakers: Kevin Renner, Senior Vice President, Marketing and Product Management, eMindful Inc.; Cara Bradley, Mindfulness Movement Teacher, Verge Yoga Studios and Retreats; Cheryl Jones, Wellness Program Strategy Lead, National Care Management, Aetna; Justin Keller, Senior Director of Marketing, Whil Concepts


Top Compliance Concerns for Employers: Wellness, HIPAA and More!

ACA. HIPAA. ADA. GINA. ERISA. The list goes on. Employers today are burdened with a growing set of compliance concerns regarding health care, wellness and employee benefits. In this session, a panel of legal experts will determine the key potential compliance pitfalls that employers should be wary of in 2016 and beyond.

Moderator: William G. Stuart, Director of Strategy and Compliance, Benefit Strategies, LLC

Speakers: Jeffrey Knapp, Senior Editor, Thomson Reuters; Trey Tompkins, President, Admin America Inc.; Ruth Anne Collins Michels, Shareholder, Ogletree, Deakins, Nash, Smoak & Stewart, P.C.; Ross Burris, Health Care Lawyer, Polsinelli; Roger Abramson, General Counsel, AmeriFlex


How Data/Analytics Are Driving Results and Reducing Health Care Costs

Data and analytics are critical to increasing value and improving health outcomes for companies and individuals. From ROI to effective transparency tools, come here practical strategies to effectively use data and analytics to simplify decision making and deliver results.

Speaker: Alex Kreibich, Data Strategist, Interactive Health


The Criticality of Engaging Millennials: Employer Case Study

Western Union and the Detroit Regional Chamber Share Experiences

In four renewal cycles, millennials will represent 50% of an average employer’s workforce. Millennials don’t drive health care spend, but they will quickly become a driving force in company culture, frontline management tactics, and eventually health benefit design. The millennial generation is primed to shift current consumer behaviors as they are open to learning new technologies, communication channels, and even ways of navigating the health care delivery system. As employers shift from traditional to high-deductible health plans, they will need to engage and educate this cohort on basic benefits literacy, health care navigation, and using support tools like transparency calculators and digital apps. Employers will learn to incorporate their movement to new plan designs, tools, and employee education while engaging this critical generation.

Speakers: Jonathan So, Senior Director, Customer Initiatives, Detroit Regional Chamber; Jeff Wilson, Senior Vice President, Global Total Rewards, Western Union