Table Topic Lunch Discussions

These roundtable discussions on specialized topics in innovative health and benefits will occur in the main ballroom during lunch on Wednesday, Feb. 24. Topics will be limited to either eight or nine participants (in addition to the group leaders). Stay tuned for a complete list of available topics and online registration options.

Wednesday, Feb. 24 • 12:30 – 1:30 pm


Using Financial Wellness to Engage and Retain Employees

Seventy-six percent of American workers live from paycheck to paycheck, and 50 percent have $1,000 or less on hand for sudden emergencies. Employers can offer solutions that help to alleviate this financial stress, and better yet, these solutions can help with employee engagement and retention at no cost to the employer. Join Kashable’s director of business development to learn more about the benefits of offering socially responsible credit for employees.

Presenter: Jameson Fauver, Director of Business Development, Kashable

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Consumerism & Prescription Drug Benefits: The Formula for Savings, Engagement & Health

Join a timely discussion around rising prescription drug cost, soaring utilization, and how prescription drug benefits are the foundational cornerstone to creating a “healthcare consumer” culture for your entire benefits program. Learn, share and walk away with concrete ways to save money, improve health outcomes, and engage healthcare consumers, through your prescription drug benefits program.

Presenter: Paul Ford, Founder & CEO, OrchestraRx

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Chronic Care Management In The Telehealth Age

This roundtable will focus on clinical use cases to drive improved health outcomes, reduce costs and drive consumer engagement. Discussion will address the human resource burden of chronic care; rationalizing a wellness spend by supporting it with convenient medical consult; selecting your own doctor; loading your favorite medical practice onto a branded platform.

Presenter: Claudia Rimerman, VP Channel Relationships, American Well

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The Muddy Waters of ACA Compliance

Join others in discussing best practices for meeting ACA compliance challenges such as affordability, counting employees, reporting and just plain keeping up with the rules.

Presenter: Jody L. Dietel, ACFCI, CAS, Chief Compliance Officer, WageWorks, Inc.

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Defined Contribution – The Health Care Consumerism Trifecta: Employer Costs, Employee Engagement and Consultant Revenue

Presenter: Don Cooper, MBA, ACBC, CHCC, President, TriFlex Corporation

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Private Exchanges: Are There True Financial Savings?

This will focus on educating attendees on where potential plan cost savings would be obtained in an exchange strategy versus traditional health care benefits. Understanding where potential plan savings can be achieved is essential in developing a strategy to build a business case for leadership. Once plan savings are identified, it is important to analyze traditional plan costs versus long-term sustainable savings under an exchange strategy.

Presenter: Jim Fries, National Sales Director, Health Exchange Resources

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What Are You Waiting For? Enroll in a Private Exchange!

A recent report from Accenture expects total enrollment in private exchanges to ultimately surpass state and federally funded exchanges, reaching 40 million enrollees by 2018. The benefits are numerous and proven. So why wait? Find out what a private exchange can offer for employees and HR teams.

Presenter: Brian M. Dudzik, Business Development Lead, Bloom Health

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Sales and Marketing 2.0: Business Development for the Modern Broker

Presenter: Meg Murphy, Communications and Business Development Manager, Maxwell Health

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