2013 FORUM West Pre-Conference Events

Important Notes:

  • FREE! Lunch & Learn: All Pre-Conference Attendees are invited to join us free of charge for the Pre-Conference Lunch and Learn sponsored by Alegeus Technologies. Lunch will be served to those who make their reservations in advance, by November 30th.
  • NEW! Become a Certified HealthCare Consumerism Specialist (CHCS): By attending the IHC FORUM West conference and pre-conference certification courses, attendees will qualify for Certified HealthCare Consumerism Specialist (CHCS) online testing, scheduled for January 2014. Learn more about the IHC University Certification Program by visiting the IHC University today for more information.
  • Pre-Conference Registration Details: Registration is available on a first come first served basis, with seating limited to 50 participants for each event listed below. All Pre-Conference boot camps and courses are offered at an additional cost to the FORUM West conference.

Pre-Conference Boot Camp

Wednesday, December 4, 2013 • 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 noon.

Pharmacy Benefit Management (PBM) – Boot Camp

This two-hour pre-conference session will be a 101 class for those employers just starting out or needing an overview of pharmacy benefits. The class will provide key knowledge and information and is set in an informal, interactive format.

During this presentation, you will learn the basics about the pharmacy industry, which will help prepare you for later PBM sessions during the 2013 IHC Forum West conference. Specifically, we will cover:

  • Key definitions of terms used in the PBM industry
  • Benchmarks to compare your plan to in terms of copays, costs and discounts
  • Deep dive into rebates and specialty programs
  • Elements of a PBM Contract (traditional versus pass through)
  • Auditing and Fraud, Waste and Abuse
  • Plan design alternatives
  • How to build the “perfect” pharmacy benefits program

The session will conclude with a discussion of marketplace trends, and what to expect in the future from plan sponsors regarding their pharmacy benefit program offerings.

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Pre-Conference — Lunch and Learn

Wednesday, December 4, 2013 • 12:00 noon – 1:00 p.m.

Sponsored by Alegeus Technologies and the IHC

Alegeus TechnologiesThe Institute for HealthCare Consumerism

Alegeus Technologies Research Results Discussed – Employer Perceptions Regarding Private Exchanges and Defined Contribution

Alegeus Technologies commissioned an independent research initiative, polling more than 500 US employers on the topics of defined contribution and private exchanges. The survey audience included a cross section of employers – from all industries and organizational sizes; contacts were decision-makers for health benefit decisions within their respective organization.

The objectives of the study were as follows:

  • Gauge employer understanding and perceptions regarding defined contribution and private exchanges concepts
  • Ascertain anticipated interest and adoption rates of defined contribution/private exchange programs (interest & timing)
  • Determine channel preferences for researching, identifying and purchasing defined contribution/private exchange solutions
  • Validate defined contribution/private exchange solution feature preferences & perceptions
  • Understand current benefit offerings, and determine whether there is any likely correlation between existing benefit packages and defined contribution/private exchange interest
  • Obtain background on how/when employers make benefit decisions

Join us as we discuss the results of this ground-breaking research and do some real-time analysis through our group discussions.

Speaker: Terry McCorvie, President, WealthCare Marketplace Solutions, Alegeus Technologies

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Pre-Conference Certification Course

Wednesday, December 4, 2013 • 1:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Making Health Care Consumerism Work: The Steps and Plan

Why should employers consider implementing Healthcare Consumerism? Can you show a clear healthcare benefit vision and strategy to your senior management?

“Making Health Care Consumerism Work: The Steps and Plan” will show you why and how. This interactive, knowledge-rich course includes our exclusive 235-page personalized workbook for your notes and exercise results on all 12 sections to the program. You will leave this workshop equipped with the principles, strategies, and implementation options you need, unique to your company.

Led by industry expert and former White House advisor Ron Bachman, “Making Health Care Consumerism Work: The Steps and Plan” will walk you through the entire planning process, from strategy to implementation. Also included will be an explanation and discussion of private & public exchanges, specific issues related to ACA implementation now thru 2018, and other timely and relevant advice for establishing an effective healthcare consumerism strategy.

This course is a pre-requisite for the initial IHC Certification program offering and the inaugural class of Certified Healthcare Consumerism Specialists (CHCS). Following Healthcare Consumerism Certification Testing, offered in early 2014, the designations will be awarded.

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