2013 FORUM West Panelists and Speakers

Speaker Resources

  • Doug Field

    Doug Field

    CEO, The Institute for HealthCare Consumerism and Producers of IHC Forum

  • Ron Bachman

    Ron Bachman

    Chairman, Editorial Advisory Board, The Institute for HealthCare Consumerism

  • John Hickman

    John Hickman

    Partner, Alston + Bird LLP

  • Roy Ramthun

    Roy Ramthun

    Founder, HSA Consulting Services, LLC and "Mr. HSA"; Former Senior Health Policy Advisor to President George W. Bush

  • John Young

    John Young

    President, Consumerdriven, LLC, Former Senior Vice President, Consumerism, CIGNA

  • Chris Covill

    Chris Covill

    Exchange Product Leader and Partner, Mercer

  • John Park

    John Park

    Chief Strategy Officer, Alegeus Technologies

  • Dr. Wendy Lynch

    Dr. Wendy Lynch

    Co-director, Altarum Center for Consumer Choice in Health Care

  • Kyle Dean

    Kyle Dean

    Chief Financial Officer, Burgerville

  • Jon Comola

    Jon Comola

    Founder, Wye River Group (WRG), and the Global Knowledge Exchange Network on Health Care (GKEN)

  • Laura Lacomblé

    Laura Lacomblé

    Director of Human Resources, RFI Communications and Security Systems

  • Nate Randall

    Nate Randall

    Manager, Global Benefits and Employee Experience, Tesla Motors

  • Jim Hertel

    Jim Hertel

    Vice President, Culture and People Development, Barry-Wehmiller

  • Mary Bradley

    Mary Bradley

    Director of Health Care Planning, Pitney Bowes Inc.

  • Susan Hayes

    Susan Hayes

    Principal, Pharmacy Outcomes Specialists

  • Zachary French

    Zachary French

    Executive Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Citizens Rx, LLC

  • Chuck Gamsu

    Chuck Gamsu

    Vice President, Envision Rx Options

  • Terry McCorvie

    Terry McCorvie

    President, WealthCare Marketplace Solutions, Alegeus Technologies

  • Deanna Baker

    Deanna Baker

    Vice President, Employee Development & Human Resources, InteliSpend Prepaid Solutions

  • Bill Gibson

    Bill Gibson

    Vice President, National Sales, New Benefits

  • Donna Joseph

    Donna Joseph

    CEO and co-founder, Rhodes-Joseph & Tobiason Advisors

  • Jim Skinner

    Jim Skinner

    President, JMS Benefit Solutions, L.P.

  • Dr. Scott Conard

    Dr. Scott Conard

    Chief Medical Officer, Compass Care Engineering, Compass Professional Health Services

  • Clayton Nicholas

    Clayton Nicholas

    VP, Strategy and Marketing, Change Healthcare Corporation

  • Donna Smith

    Donna Smith

    Executive Director of Business Development, FAIR Health

  • Hilary Hanson

    Hilary Hanson

    Supervisor of Health Management, Hormel Employee Benefits, Hormel

  • Brent Hines

    Brent Hines

    Founder and Chairman, Foundation for Financial Wellness

  • Karen Meyers

    Karen Meyers

    Wellness Program Director, Foundation for Financial Wellness

— More Speakers to Come —