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To Our Community, our Sponsors/Marketers, our Speakers and Partners:

I am sending you this letter to update you on the status of our efforts to raise capital in order to continue the operations of Field Media, Inc. (“FM”) and its media properties, including the Institute for Healthcare Consumerism (“IHC”). We regret to inform you that after exhaustive efforts to secure financing and discussions with potential buyers of the Company’s media properties, we have been unable to secure sufficient capital or to consummate an asset sale to continue the operations of the company.

Our principal source of revenues is the IHC Forum conferences, held in multiple locations annually. With our current financial condition, we have been unable to make payment of required deposits to secure venues for upcoming IHC Forum events.  Without the ability to produce those events, we do not have an adequate source of revenues to continue operations. So effectively immediately FieldMedia, LLC, dba ‘The Institute for HealthCare Consumerism’ is ceasing operations.

I deeply regret that we have been forced to take this action. This has been a very painful process and we can only tell you how hard we worked to keep the business operating to pay our obligations and continue our support of the Industry that we believe so much in.

We have valued our relationship, your support and hopefully you recognize the role we have played to help this Industry move forward and help your business. This is not ‘how’ we had envisioned the work we have done to end.

If you have questions or request additional information, please contact me via email at


Doug Field
CEO & Founder
The Institute for HealthCare Consumerism