2017 Private Exchange FORUM

Private Exchange FORUM

According to the latest estimates, over nine million Americans receive employee benefits via a private exchange — and this number is expected to pass 40 million the next several years.

There’s never been a more important time for Private Exchange FORUM and for all stakeholders to gather to discuss the future of benefits technology. Our unique group of industry stakeholders will gather to discuss:

  • What is a private exchange?
  • Are private exchanges meeting employer expectations?
  • Does recent research still suggest a strong uptick in adoption in the next three-to-five years?
  • If not private exchanges, what strategies will employers pursue?
  • How do changes in health care delivery affect private exchanges?

We will tackle these questions — and more — in May at the 2017 Private Exchange FORUM. Join leading employers, brokers, TPAs, health plans, consultants and innovators as we dive into the future of employee benefits technology and health care consumerism.

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Third week in May | Dates TBA
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