Private Exchange FORUM – Baltimore

2015 Private Exchange FORUM

Just Announced: Private Exchange FORUM Baltimore

Based on the overwhelming success of our sold-out Private Exchange FORUM Dallas earlier this year, we are pleased to announce the addition of Private Exchange FORUM Baltimore on September 1-2, 2015.

The Institute For HealthCare Consumerism’s

Private Exchange FORUM

Puts You At The Center Of The Benefits Revolution

Get An Insider’s View Of The Private Exchange Future…Now

An estimated 35 to 75 million Americans will receive their employee benefits via a private exchange within the next few years.

The best decisions begin with a complete view of the private exchange landscape. Because the private exchange market is a confusing tangle of models, choices and offerings, there’s only one way that you can truly be prepared.

Private Exchange FORUM is your guide to gaining a 360-degree perspective on private exchanges and defined contribution. Whether you’re an employer, broker/advisor or insurer, this is where you’ll find the education, collaboration and access to solutions that you need to help make the right decisions going forward for your business or clients’ business.

How Ready Are You To Benefit From This Massive Transition?

The Private Exchange FORUM immerses you in unique collaborative conversations among peers and other key industry players. LEARN, CONNECT and SHARE insights about the complete life cycle of private exchanges, including:

  • Exchange evaluation criteria
  • Post-implementation lessons learned
  • Building the next generation employee benefits structure

For Employers, Brokers, Advisors, and Insurers Nationwide.

The topic of private exchanges is a huge one, and the scope of Private Exchange FORUM concerns stakeholders nationwide. Located at the heart one of the most employer-dense regions of the country, Baltimore is the perfect location for this Private Exchange FORUM.

The Baltimore to New York corridor (just a three hour drive) includes some of the world’s largest employer groups. Baltimore itself is a hub of great companies – ranging from the 100+-year-old companies like McCormick & Co. to 20-year-old giants like UnderArmour. Baltimore is also one of the country’s leading health care centers – ranking 3rd nationally in the concentration of U.S. health care service employees – with innovative players such as Johns Hopkins Hospital and Health System, Privia Health, Evergreen Health Cooperative and MedStar Health. Equally important, Baltimore is a hot-bed for next-generation health care consumerism businesses like Hcentive and ConnectYourCare.

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We’ve shaped the Private Exchange FORUM to mirror the format of IHC’s other successful conferences.

Shape The Conversation.

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